Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PreAlgebra II: The Mine Shaft

The Warm Up:
Formulas You Need To Know:
Volume of a Rectangular Prism:  V = l*w*h    or  Volume = Length times Width times Height

Find the volume of the following rectangular prism:

Volume of a Cylinder:
V= πr^2h     or      Volume = Pi times r squared times Height
Find the volume of the following cylinder:

Previewing the Problem:
Read GS 128:

Some Background:

Apps You May Consider:
iFormulas:  LINK!!!
Geometry Calculator:  LINK!!!

Websites You May Consider:
Volume of a Cylinder
Calculating Volume of a Cylinder
Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Complete the Problem:
Review problem again above or read it in your book.

1.  Recreate a picture of the mine shaft in your notes.
2.  Create two sections that describe work for finding the volume of the cylinder and the rectangular prism.
3.  Using the information from #2 or letter a in the problem, how many cubic feet of concrete will be needed to build thee platform?

1.  If concrete weighs 120 pounds per cubic foot, how much will the platform weigh?  Show work.
2.  If a donkey can haul 350 pounds of concrete, how many cart loads will be needed?

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